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Hitting it off with Mum and Dad quiz

1 - Your folks threaten to cut off your mobile phone contract after you ran up a monthly bill of £78. Do you...

a) Tell them to ‘chillax’; most of your mates have talked their way into much higher bills.
b) Shrug a poor apology and slam your bedroom door when told it wasn’t good enough. 
c) Argue that you wouldn’t need to hit the phone so much if only they’d let you out on school nights or bought you your own laptop for social networking.
d) Express real regret and offer to pay off the money by doing jobs around the house.

2 - You were going to spend the weekend at your friend’s house, but now you’ve been told that you have to put in an appearance at a family wedding anniversary party. Will you...

a) Shout that no one will care if you are at the party or not
b) Absolutely refuse to go because you’ve already made plans and anyway, it will be boring.
c) Go, but wear torn jeans and ancient trainers to make your point.
d) Agree that you’ll smarten up and go with your folks, but in return it would be hugely appreciated if they contributed to tickets for the next local gig you fancy.

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